Products: Anti-theft Fog Generator

3 versions of electronic control

4 power sizes

nebbiogeno oro antifurto defendertech

Basic series

Essential fog generators but rich in electronic functions for maximum interface versatility.

nebbiogeno nero antifurto defendertech

LAN series

Fog generators that can be managed remotely, both individually and in groups, with the Defendertech Software

nebbiogeno silver antifurto defendertech

Series with integrated alarm

ALL IN ONE fog generators that do not need to be connected to traditional alarm control units

Nebbiogeni 3_4

Hybrid Series

Fog generators with double function: anti-theft and certified virucidal sanitizers

Special characteristics

Maximum installation versatility

Thanks to the complete line of mechanical accessories available for the entire range of Defendertech fog generators, wich consisting of:

  • Several directional nozzles for the orientation of the fog
  • Nozzle extensions up to 50 cm
  • Redirection Kit that allows to hide the Fog Generator behind the wall so that it is not visible from the room that must be protected
  • Splitting Kit that protects 2 rooms with only 1 Fog Generator

The lowest maintenance cost thanks to 5 important characteristics

• The Defendertech liquid that generates the fog has no expiry date – it is not an organic product and does not contain alcohol (characteristics that make the liquids of other brands volatile and subject to expiration)

• The liquid tank can be refilled at any time by purchasing the 5 liter tank, unscrewing the cap and refilling it – economical and less waste of plastic. Otherwise, with other brands, it is necessary to wait for the tank to empty and then buy a new one

• It is possible to test the device using drinking water and thus not waste the fog liquid – this way the device will shoot dry and transparent vapor – which is also a great convenience when testing devices installed in homes or shops that will not be saturated with fog unnecessarily.

• 1 shot has an average cost of 2 euros (retail price)

• The backup battery used by Defendertech Fog Generators is a standard battery, easily available when it comes time to change it. So no extra costs for customized batteries, unlike other brands’ fog generators.

Low Electric Consumption

Once the device is armed, the boiler turns on and begins to heat up. During this heating phase (15/20 minutes) the machine absorbs a nominal power of 600 watts, but once completed the boiler stops heating and consumption decreases to an average 60 watts per hour. This has been made possible thanks to the Defendertech boiler which is unique and able to maintain high temperatures for a long time.

Very important feature that distinguishes Defendertech Fog Generators from those of other brands, in which the boiler must remain on 24 hours a day because it is not able to maintain high temperatures.

Fully autonomous devices

All our machines have a 12V output to which it is possible to connect external sensors that will make the machine completely autonomous and independent from the alarm control unit or it can be used to request a double firing consent and thus avoid accidental shots. The “SAFE SHOT” function, which requires double shooting consent, has already been provided on our LAN line in addition to the 12V output.

Main differences with other Fog Generators

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Fog generators With or Without integrated alarm control unit
  • Technical assistance directly from the manufacturer
  • Maximum versatility of interfacing and management
  • Different levels of protection against accidental shooting
  • Native with network connectivity
  • Communication protocol easily implementable
  • A single device protects 2 distinct rooms (front and rear firing)
  • Unique fog generator with the shot on the back (allows it to be hidden behind the wall)
  • Extendable nozzle up to 50cm
  • Refillable tank at any time
  • No expiration of the liquid
  • Convenient liquid cost: around € 2 x 1 minute of shooting
  • Greater number of fog deliveries: from 5 to 7 minutes in total
  • Greater fog density and persistence: optimizes the protection function
  • Ready to fire in 10/20 minutes (depending on model)
  • Average power consumption: 60 Watts per hour (consumes only when armed)
  • Boiler GUARANTEED for 5 YEARS
  • In the absence of power supply, after 1 hour it is still able to fire for 60 seconds.
  • Cold cover even with active device
  • Compliance with the EN 50131-8 standard
  • The Liquid and the fog ARE NOT FLAMMABLE, the tank will NEVER DETONATE
  • Fog Fluid certified by the National Poison Control Center as "ABSOLUTELY NOT DANGEROUS OR HARMFUL"
  • 100% SAFE fog, it does not contain dangerous or harmful substances for the integrity of people, animals and objects
  • Four colors available
  • Pump enriched with accessories that carry out post-firing washing cycles, to avoid liquid dripping and automatic pump maintenance to optimize its function and life time
  • LAN version that allows remote monitoring and operation of one or more machines
  • Possibility to integrate with other softwares
  • Standard type backup battery readily available once it is time to change it

and many other features.