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SanyTech Sanitation
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National Institute of Health (ISS):

“The recent provisions on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID19, provide that sanitation operations, aimed at containing human contagion, must be encouraged. In companies, commercial establishments, services and various places, periodic sanitation of the environments, workstations, other areas and items must be ensured. “

What is Sanitation?

Why is the ISS pressing so much on this?

Sanitation is a complex of operations consisting of cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of good air quality.

Cleaning is a process that detaches the deposit of unwanted dirt from a surface, causing it to be dispersed through the use of detergents.

Disinfection, on the other hand, is a treatment that reduces the microbial load of surfaces and environments, through disinfectants certified “Surgical Medical Devices” (PMC) and Biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health (registration number required on the label).

Transmission of infections occurs through droplets

5 μm micro-droplets that originate from coughing, sneezing, speaking and breathing. They travel in the air and can reach vulnerable individuals and settle on objects/surfaces surviving up to 8 days, thus becoming a source of spread of the disease.

In this case, the hands that have come into contact with the contaminated objects become transmission vehicles by indirect contact. For this reason, sanitation plays a crucial role in preventing and containing the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi and resulting diseases.

For this purpose, Sanytech has created one of the most effective and safe sanitizers on the world market, providing a wide range able to adapt to any context.

SanyTech Sanitation

Vaporization of a very powerful Virucide – Bactericide – Fungicide – Sporicide already used in 130 countries around the world, multi-certified and proven effective also against Covid-19.

A dry sanitizing fog that invades every corner of the environment, even the micro-particles present in the air, touching all surfaces, penetrating micro-holes and which, as soon as it thins out, just a few minutes after dispensing, already allows to reoccupy the sanitized room.


100% safe sanitation

Why are SanyTech sanitizers unique?


Log 4 99.9999% sanitation

Uses one of the most powerful and effective biocides in the world that achieves a Log4 99.9999% sanitation


Sanitation costs only 0.03 cents per cubic meter


SanyTech fog kills the virus in just 1 minute

Easy to use

It does not require skilled labor and can be used by anyone


Once the room has been saturated with Sanitizing fog, it will be necessary to wait only a few minutes and when the fog clears it can already be reoccupied

100% safe

For human and animal health and for the integrity of the furniture and devices placed in the room


Thanks to the Sanytech software, one or more devices can be programmed, checked and controlled at the same time, making them autonomous

... and a lot of more