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What is Disinfection?

Disinfection is a complex of operations consisting of cleaning, reduction of the microbial load and maintenance of good air quality.

Cleaning is a process that detaches the deposit of unwanted dirt from a surface, causing it to be dispersed through the use of detergents.

Disinfection, on the other hand, is a treatment that reduces the microbial load of surfaces and environments, through disinfectants certified “Surgical Medical Devices” and Biocides authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Transmission of infections occurs through droplets

5 μm micro-droplets that originate from coughing, sneezing, speaking and breathing. They travel in the air and can reach vulnerable individuals and settle on objects/surfaces surviving up to 8 days, thus becoming a source of spread of the disease.

In this case, the hands that have come into contact with the contaminated objects become transmission vehicles by indirect contact. For this reason, disinfection plays a crucial role in preventing and containing the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi and resulting diseases.

For this purpose, Sanytech has created one of the most effective and safe disinfectant device on the world market, providing a wide range able to adapt to any context.

SanyTech Disinfection

Vaporization of Rely+on Virkon, one of the most powerful Virucide – Bactericide – Fungicide – Sporicide, already used in 130 countries around the world, certified and proven effective also against Covid-19.

Dispensed as dry steam, it floods every corner of the room, micro-particles in the air, micro-holes in fabrics, every type of surface and after a few minutes, makes the disinfected room accessible again.

Why are SanyTech disinfectants unique?


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