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Who we are 

Tek Group Srl, an Italian company that produces innovative devices capable of guaranteeing security at 360°, both in terms of Disinfection and Anti-theft.

With the two product lines, “DefenderTech” for theft defense and “SanyTech” for the disinfection of premises, we field a wide range of devices capable of adapting to any context:

Mobile, vehicular and installable devices, “Dual Use – Disinfection and Anti-theft”, fully automated. 

1 theft 


3 minutes in homes

6 minutes in stores

5 minutes in garages

The fear of being robbed at home concerns 60% of Italians, because having their house robbed is one of the most traumatic experiences that can be lived and it is almost never possible to identify the thieves and recover the loot, which often has more a sentimental than economic value.

In shops, however, there is a theft every 6 minutes, 10 every hour and 246 a day. These data were obtained on the basis of the 90,000 reports presented in Italy. Really worrying numbers.

Store thefts cause high losses, around 4.8 billion in annual cost and the classic passive anti-theft systems, such as cameras and alarms, no longer frighten the thieves who now know how to trick them.

The best way to prevent them?

Using the innovative Active Anti-theft Systems with Fogging Technology

Attacking the invisible enemies 

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, you don't see them but they are there!

These organisms can infect humans and animals causing diseases that are often serious or even lethal as Covid-19.



• Direct Transmission → wearing masks and washing hands

• Indirect Transmission → periodic disinfection of the spaces we live in

Because these organisms lurk on surfaces, in the air and are constantly proliferating. The only way to protect ourselves is to frequently disinfect our spaces.


Management software

Innovative tool that allows you to manage all your devices, Defendertech / Extrafog / Sanytech, of the LAN line, wherever you are, from your PC.

Find out more about our Free Management Software!

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