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1 series for each type of use

6 power sizes

vehicular series 12/24V

Mobile series

Fixed series

Hybrid Series

why is thermo-disinfection preferable to other disinfection methods?

Advantages of Thermo-Disinfection

• The steam delivered reaches every corner of the room, disinfecting every micro-particle present in the air, micro-holes in fabrics, surfaces and objects

• The disinfectant steam dispensed is dry, therefore it does not wet and does not corrode

• It does not require skilled labor, a simple process that can be done by anyone at any time

• Covenient

• Fast: the shortest waiting time, between the start of the disinfection and the reoccupation of the room, compared to all other disinfection processes

The strengths of SanyTech Thermo-Disinfectants

✓ The only thermo-fog cannon with a certified disinfection process

Vaporize a product certified as a Medical Surgical Device (certification n. 16765) Virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal

✓ Log4 disinfection, 99.9999% of the pathogens killed

The fastest, Covid-19 neutralized in just 60 seconds

The shortest waiting time between the moment of vaporization and reoccupation of the disinfected room (just a few minutes)

The process can be carried out by anyone, at any time, according to their own preferred times

✓ Possibility of dual use: Disinfectant and Anti-theft

✓ LAN version that allows remote monitoring and operation of one or more disinfectant fog cannons 

✓ Possibility to remotely access the registry of disinfections carried out by the device

Adjustable dispensing time

The cost of the disinfectant liquid is convenient: € 0.03 per cubic meter

100% Made in Italy 

✓ 100% safe, it does not contain potentially harmful substances for people, animals, food and objects 

Not toxic

Not inflammable

Not corrosive

Not energy-intensive (low electricity consumption)


The disinfectant liquid tank can be refilled at any time

Short boiler heating time

Maximum versatility, wide range of models, 12/24/220 Volt

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