Products: Sanitizers - 12/24V vehicle series

Vehicular series 12/24v


Treats 12m3 in 30" 12V power supply


Treats 45m3 in 60" 12V power supply


Treats 45m3 in 60" 24V power supply


Treats 90m3 in 60" 12V power supply


Treats 90m3 in 60" 24V power supply

5 devices designed for vehicular disinfection: taxi, bus, tram, train, metro, van, truck, etc.

From the smallest Thermo-Fog Cannon in the world, which disinfects a space of 12 cubic meters in 30 seconds with a 12 Volt power supply, to the one that disinfects an area of 90 cubic meters in 60 seconds with a 12/24 Volt power supply.

public transport line Disinfection


Vaporize a product certified as a Medical Surgical Device (certification n. 16765) Virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal

The treatment does NOT require specialized labor and can be carried out by anyone, at any time

The shortest waiting time between the moment of vaporization and reoccupation of the disinfected room (just a few minutes)

✓ Adjustable delivery time of the virucidal product

Total time of possible dispensing depends on the tank used (0.5 / 2/5/10/25 Lt)

✓ Autonomy of the vaporizer in the absence of electricity

Visual reporting system of faults + 5 wired outputs

Several inputs available for activation functions

Several outputs available for reporting functions