Products: Sanitizers - Hydrid Series

Hybrid Series

Automated Dual Use Devices:

disinfectant – antitheft

We have made a device capable of

Automatically switch between modes

Allowing you to protect your places from theft and viruses in a simple and immediate way.



Disinfectant-anti-theft devices essential but rich in electronic functions for maximum versatility of interfacing with any alarm control unit or home automation system. 3 sizes available: EX-i50 / EX-i100 / EX-i200



Disinfectant-anti-theft devices with Ethernet connectivity, gestibili da remoto, both individually and in groups, with dedicated software for the control room, internal safety timer and various levels of protection against accidental shot. 3 sizes available: EX-i50.Lan / EX-i100.Lan / EX-i200.Lan