Products: Sanitizers - Fixed Series

Fixed Series



It treats an area of 45 cubic meters in 120 seconds.



It treats an area of 90 cubic meters in 80 seconds. LAN version available.



It treats an area of 180 cubic meters in 100 seconds. LAN version available.



It treats an area of 360 cubic meters in 100 seconds. LAN version available.

Ideal for the disinfection of public and commercial places, which require frequent disinfection.

With the + Plus of the LAN version, it is possible to disinfect automatically, have a register of the disinfections carried out by the device, start the treatment and monitor it remotely from the Web, enjoying many other special functions that optimize the disinfection process.

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Vaporize a product certified as a Medical Surgical Device (certification n. 16765) Virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal

✓ The disinfection process is automated

The fastest on the market, a few minutes of waiting between the moment of delivery and reoccupation of the room

✓ Possibility of adding the anti-theft mode later

✓ Possibility of hiding the device behind the wall and thus being invisible from the room to be treated

✓ Possibility of treating 2 adjacent rooms with only 1 device (forward and back dispensing)

✓ “Device arming lock” Security system on programmable time band

Event log saved on device

✓ Automatic disinfection weekly timer

Combinable radio controls: R-TIME and R-DIMMER

Autonomy of the vaporizer in the absence of electricity

Fault and liquid level reporting system + 5 wired outputs

Several inputs available for activation functions

Several outputs available for reporting functions