Products: Anti-theft Fog Generator - Base Series

Base Series

They are essential fog generators but rich in electronic functions for maximum versatility of interfacing with any alarm control unit or home automation system.

Base & LAN Series Overview_ Defendertech FogGenerator

Device overview

DT-200 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 25 square meters and 3 m high

DT-400 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 50 square meters and 3 m high

DT-800 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 100 square meters and 3 m high

DT-1600 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 200 square meters and 3 m high

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  • Adjustable fog shooting time
  • The "Forced Pause" option can be implemented, with adjustable duration
  • Autonomous boiler in the absence of electricity
  • Fault signaling system
  • Liquid level signaling system
  • Inputs usable for activation functions
  • Outputs usable for signaling functions
  • Nozzle extension options
  • ... and many other functions