Products: Anti-theft Fog Generator - Base Series

basic series

DT-200 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 25 sq.m H3m

DT-400 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 50 sq.m H3m

DT-800 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 100 sq.m H3m

DT-1600 Nebbiogeno Antifurto Defendertech


Recommended for rooms of 200 sq.m H3m

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Essential Fog cannons but rich in electronic functions for maximum interface versatility with any alarm control unit or home automation system.


✓ Autonomy of the boiler in the absence of electricity

Failure reporting system

Liquid level reporting system

Several inputs available for activation functions

Several outputs available for reporting functions

✓ Possibility of protecting 2 rooms with only 1 fog cannon

✓ Possibility to hide the fog cannon behind the wall so that it is invisible

… and many others