Products: Anti-theft Fog Generator - Series with integrated alarm

Autonomous series 

it does not need to be connected to an alarm system

The only ALL IN ONE fog cannon on the market, able to manage sensors of all types in full autonomy, they do not need to be connected to traditional alarm control units.

Fog generators fully programmable with free and expandable software, with a rich optional electronic equipment that can be almost entirely integrated internally.

Defendertech Line 


Shot of 50mq in 40"


Shot of 100mq in 60"


Shot of 200mq in 60"


Bi-directional GSM / GPRS card

✓ LAN card for monitoring and programming for total remote device management

Input / output expansion module

Volcal synthesis module

✓ Bidirectional wireless module, dual frequency for use with up to 64 sensors and 8 remote controls

Bidirectional remote control, 4 programmable keys

Keyboard with 20×2 large character display and integrated RFID key reader

Proximity RFID key reader adaptable to any fruit

✓ 120db built-in siren.

… and many others