Products: Anti-theft Fog Generator - Lan Series

LAN Series 

Fog Cannons with Ethernet Connectivity

Remotely manageable, both individually and in groups, with dedicated software for the control room, equipped with internal security timer and various levels of protection against accidental shots.

Management software

Innovative tool that allows you to manage all your Defendertech / Extrafog / Sanytech LAN series devices.

Arms-disarms, checks anomalies, the liquid level, activates-deactivates the various Special Functions that characterize our Fog Cannons…and much more, wherever you are, from the comfort of your PC.


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Defendertech Line 


Shot of 50mq in 40"


Shot of 100mq in 60"


Shot of 200mq in 60"

Extrafog Line 


Shot of 50mq in 40"


Shot of 100mq in 60"


Shot of 200mq in 60"


Device monitoring, programming and operation via web (LAN)

Event log stored in the device

✓  “Secure Shot” function (double consent to shoot)

Automatic update of date and time

✓ “Armament Lock” function on programmable time band

✓ Several physical outputs available for repoting

3 different access levels protected by modifiable passwords

✓ “Unlimited Tank” function that allows to take liquid from larger tanks and thus be able to carry out all the desired shots

✓ Anti-opening protection tamper

… and many others