Overview SW for monitoring DEFENDERTECH LAN SERIES foggers and sanitizers

management software via web

Defendertech / Extrafog / Sanytech

LAN Series


Control panel of the single appliance

General overview of the device in real time, commands on / off, firing, maintenance, etc.


For setting special functions, passwords, schedules, negligence, self-timers, warm-up timers, language, etc.

Special Features

19 special functions to adapt the Fog Cannon to your needs

Ignore power failure, deactivate liquid control, Logic of outputs, signal firing, activate automatic pump maintenance, set up post-firing washing, define firing modes, automatic timers, etc.

Preheat Timer

For automatic burner heating at selected times (2 per day).

Timer set-up

To automatically turn on and off your Fog Cannons and Sanitizers 2 times a day, 7 days a week.

And choose how many sanitizations to carry out automatically, before switching to Anti-theft mode.

MultiFog Control

Multiple management software

To check the status, in real time, of one or more Fog Cannons and Sanitizers of the Defendertech, Extrafog and Sanytech lines

And sending notifications via message and email to keep you informed about each event.

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