The 5 levels of hygiene

SANITATION - October 2nd 2020

The 5 levels of hygiene according to the ISS

Useful and extremely necessary is the information given to us by the National Institute of Health in the ISS COVID-19 report n. 25/2020 “Interim recommendations on the sanitation of non-health facilities in the current COVID-19 emergency: surfaces, interiors and clothing”

Yes, because it is good to know that cleaning, deterge (= hygienization) and disinfection are essential to cope with situations such as today’s world health crisis, but it is equally important to understand that these processes are not equivalent to sanitizing or sterilizing environments.

These last 2 processes, in fact, sanitation and sterilization are the ONLY ones that allow to totally eliminate viruses and bacteria.

For this reason we have decided to offer you a schematization of what the ISS teaches us and thus be able to understand, in a super clear way, how these processes are so different from each other but at the same time fundamental and predeutical for each other.